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If you love God reblog this. If you love Satan keep scrolling.

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If you are on God’s side reblog this. If you’re on the Devil’s side, keep scrolling.


i dont like reblogging shit like this, but this one got me cause of the second sentence.

Only cos I’m not on the devil’s side. Lol. 


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If you believe in Jesus Christ Reblog this. DON’T IGNORE THIS. The bible says if you deny Him, he will deny you in front of His father in the gates of heaven. This is the simplest test.





i wanna go to heaven D:

I want to go to heaven. Fuck you. 


dont deny me. D:

I just keep reblogging this . I LOVE YOU JESUS <3 !

omfg these gifs.

I posted this for those  of you who think i’m judging you or something I just wanted to see how many notes it would get so no hate ! I LOVE JESUS ! 

Please don’t deny me

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If you were thinking the same you are amongst 98% of the people. If not you are amongst 2 % whose mind think very differently.

Reblog and go to your tumblr page to see the result.

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